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The United Races and the Holy Book of Racial Government is now available at:


Specialists in Books about Black Britain and Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, African American and Asia; also Multi-Ethnic children’s Books


Founded in 1966, New Beacon Books have been providing a service to individuals, libraries, schools, colleges and other institutions in Britain and abroad through their BOOKSHOP and BOOK SERVICE. They are pleased to announce that they now also have a WEBSITE SERVICE.


10% discount for students


Open Monday to Saturday 1.30pm to 6.00pm

Closed May 1st and December 27th


76 Stroud Green Road,
London N4 3EN

(Finsbury Park – Piccadilly & Victoria tube lines; British Rail)

Tel: 020 7272 4889; Fax: 020 7281 4662





Please ask Sarah White (The White Woman) about the price, stock and availability of The United Races and The Holy Book of Racial Government.


We have had a God good chat with Sarah White.



White people must put aside, White Supremacist Racist pride, world wide as they know they should, for greater good in the neighbourhood for education in preparation for reparation for the nation.



















Please think carefully and leave a reply. How much POWER have you got?

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