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    1. Neely Fuller – Two Types of Victims

      Neely Fuller explaining that under racism white supremacy, the victims support racism either way.
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      Neely Fuller – How Racists Steer Black Movements

      Neely Fuller explains that racists always know how and where to steer Black folks because we never really know down to the …
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      Neely Fuller – Always Know Your Weaknesses (flaws)

      Neely Fuller explains that you must know your flaws and weaknesses if you do not want to fall prey to the racists.
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    4. Neely Fuller – Envious Racists Burnt down Black Wall Street

      Neely Fuller explains that envy, malice and lies are the tools of the racists. In the case of Black Wall Street they used a white …
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    5. Neely Fuller – Subject People Are Valueless

      Neely Fuller explains that Black folks are subject people under the thumb of racistman and racist woman who have no intention of …
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    6. Neely Fuller – Keep Your Eye On White Folks

      Neely Fuller explains that Black folks have a tendency to look at each other too much and not pay any attention to white folks who …
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      Neely Fuller – You Can’t Tell Who a Racist Is

      Neely Fuller explains that the logical thing for a Black person to do is suspect anybody white who is able to be a racist. Why?
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    8. Neely Fuller – You Can’t Make It On Your Own

      Neely Fuller explains that enyone who thinks they made it all by themselves aren’t telling the truth.
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    9. [1hr show]Neely Fuller – Jew Race Myth, Black Leaders & Education ||24 Sep 2014

      Neely Fuller jr talking live today (24 sep 2014) on various subjects including Little Rock 9, jewish race myth, usage of words, …
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      Neely Fuller – Conquering Racism With Truth

      Neely Fuller explains that once we realize that everything around is a scam (con game) and expose it for what it is, the racists will …
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    11. Neely Fuller – What a Degree Really Means

      Neely Fuller explains that most folks don’t realize what a degree really means and that racistman and racistwoman give them to …
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    12. Neely Fuller – How Racists Acquire Wealth

      Neely Fuller explains that white supremacists got everything they have by brute force theft and mass murder.
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    13. Neely Fuller – Is Jaywalking criminal

      Neely Fuller talking on crime, criminality and jaywalking being a crime.
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    14. Neely Fuller – 4 things to ask yourself

      Nely Fuller giving 4 questions everyone should ask themselves before they go out to do anything.
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    15. Neely Fuller – Black Folks Are Forced To Beg

      Neely Fuller explains that begging is asking more than once. As slaves/prisoners or war, we Black folks have to beg for …
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      Neely Fuller – How Do You Spot A Racist?

      Neely Fuller explains that everyone will say that racism is still around, yet we do not know how to actually spot a racist.
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      Neely Fuller – What To Do Besides Carjacking/robbing

      Neely Fuller explains that carjacking is a business that does not pay in the end. There is a better thing to do besides robbing and …
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“There is no escape
from the
long arm of
the Racial law”.
Come under our umbrella. 
Who has a bigger umbrella than us?

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