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      Neely Fuller Jr- Economics, Education & Entertainment

      Neely Fuller explains what ecomics is (time & energy), education system and entertainment.
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    2. Neely Fuller Jr – The Job of A Racist

      Neely Fuller explains that racists feel is their duty to mistreat those who have color in their skin. Find me at …
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Neely Fuller Jr- Black Vote & Deceitful Elections

Neely Fuller states that Black people should vote with it in mind that elections are rigged and full of deceptions (lies).
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Neely Fuller Jr- Pharmaceuticals Keep Black Folks Broke

Neely Fuller explains that the role of pharmaceutical companies which are all run by white supremacists, have the only goal to …
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Neely Fuller Jr- Whoever created Ebola Come Forward

Neely Fuller addressing the fact that ebola was created in a lab and the persons who created it have names. There is also a …
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1 day ago
Neely Fuller explains that by conditioned Black folks purpose in life is to show off to other Black people.
1 day ago
Neely fuller explaining how racists use religion as a way to cause maximum confusion by making up all kinds of churches and …
9 hours ago
Dr Anderson speaking on October 21st 2014 at Mount Airy Church of God in Philadelphia, PA. Find me at …
1 day ago
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Neely Fuller addresses the remarks made by a white person who claims that white people taught Black people how to be violent.
1 day ago
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Neely Fuller explains that boys are dependant upon men. Under white supremacy, Black people are boys and girls and the …

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