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White is Wise

Alan Sharp

Changing Generations

Weiss (or Weiß, German for “white” or “knows”)


White is a color.

About 5 results

    1. Neely Fuller – Stop Worshiping Ghetto Culture

      Neely Fuller advises Black folks to move away from what traditionally Black culture is supposed to be. Do everything that makes …
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    2. Neely Fuller – We’re Damaged Goods

      Neely Fuller explains that we are forced to be liers everywhere and everything we do. Everybody lies and we live in a deceptive …
      • NEW
    3. Neely Fuller – Be careful About That Word “Love”

      Neely Fuller explains that the word love is abused too much to the point that we dont use it properly. We cant have love without …
      • NEW
    4. Neely Fuller – Watch The Company You Keep

      Neely Fuller explains that if you can help it it’s best that you hang out with people that who you can learn from., instead of people …
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    5. Neely Fuller – Orchestrate Things Using Codification

      Neely Fuller explains that a code means a way of getting thigns done in the most efficient and constructive way.
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