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The Empire Needs Men with Gangs Unite
In August 2014, we worked with Gangs Unite, an organisation helping young people at risk of exclusion and gang affiliation. Over a period of three weeks we delivered workshops to a group of ten young people. The group people learnt about the contribution of African people from the Caribbean Islands, Africa, America and Britain to World
War I.
The Empire Needs Men with 100 Mothers Movement
In August 2014 we organised a trip to the Imperial War Museum to learn and explore about the contribution of Africans to World War I.
School Visits
School workshops are taking place in Barlby Primary School
Risley Avenue Primary School and Oxford Gardens Primary School. For more information,
please call 07958 671 267.

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      Neely Fuller talking live today, 26 Nov 2014, on various topics such as Ferguson and how there’ll be more darren wilsons lined up …
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      Neely Fuller explaining that everytime someone uses a word such as secession it is very important that you ask that person what …
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      Neely Fuller explains how white supremacy makes a living out of dead people.
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      Neely Fuller closely examines the word secession and what it may mean in the context of white supremacy.
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      Neely Fuller recommends people to look at the movie gandhi to undertand the system of white supremacy and how it breeds …

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