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From: Derrick Lynch
Sent: 06/01/2015 13:17

Please would you forward this message by email as Doctor Greensides is very busy and I do not have Doctor Greensides email address.Thank you.

To: Doctor Greensides, White, Male, IC1, Chase Farm Hospital, Dorset Ward EN2 8JL

From: Derrick Lynch, Black, Male, IC3, B9, BEUR, Victim of Racism. Chase Farm Hospital, Dorset Ward EN2 8JL


Dear Doctor Greensides,
Please would you confirm that I have the correct understanding of your assessment of my sickness and make any corrections to my statement of truth as necessary.


I, Derrick Lynch, a Black, Male, IC3, B9, BEUR, have a “false belief in an orchestrated conspiracy” which has caused me to be “preoccupied with the subject of Racism” which is vexatious and contrary to Section 14 (1) and (2) of the Freedom of Information Act. Risperidone 2mg has helped me to realise this fact.

Signed: D Lynch
Copy: Paula McKevitt













      1. 2:45
        Neely Fuller- They’re Coming After You
        Victim of RWS
      2. 3:51
        Neely Fuller- “I didn’t Know”
        Victim of RWS
      3. 3:11
        Neely Fuller- 200 Questions To Ask Before Hitting The Bed
        Victim of RWS
      4. 1:35
        Neely Fuller- Bewary of the Word “Freedom”
        Victim of RWS
      5. 2:35
        Neely Fuller- Know What You Want
        Victim of RWS
      6. 2:24
        Neely Fuller- Slavery Is Mistreatment
        Victim of RWS
      7. 2:07
        Neely Fuller- Slaves We Don’t Even Know It
        Victim of RWS
      8. 1:24
        Neely Fuller- The Only Military That Counts
        Victim of RWS
      9. 3:04
        Neely Fuller- Obama Cannot Demand Anything. He Has No Muscle!
        Victim of RWS
      10. 2:19
        Neely Fuller- In charge Based On Being white
        Victim of RWS
      11. 1:19
        Neely Fuller- Truth Is That Which Is
        Victim of RWS
      12. 2:14
        Neely Fuller Jr- 4 Basic Questions To Ask Yourself
        Victim of RWS

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