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Sorting out the Rastafarian Leadership

IC3BlackPower IC3BlackUnity IC3Flag Rastafari Rastafarian Racial Identity Crisis Appeal. Discrete donations accepted. Meeting at

Teach the Rastafarians Racial Righteousness with us.


Meeting at

RRQP-EthnicityDataStandardBlack RRQP-PNC_RaceCodesPolice RRQP-Police_Self_Defined_Ethnicity_UK RRQP-RacialCodesPolice

Sort out the Rastafarian Leadership

Learn how to sort out the IC3 Black Rastafarian and IC6 Mixed-Race Rastafarian Leadership with us at the

Help us to teach the Rastafarians the ways of Racial Righteousness.



Learn about IC3 #Anti-Afrikan Black Power at

Contact: Dawn Gobourne IC3 Black Female on 020 8489 4560 Meeting at:

Kind regards

John Canoe

At last we have IC3 Black Unity!





Please think carefully and leave a reply. How much POWER have you got?

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