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 The Speakers Club

Hosted by Bro Dougie & Lady Esi

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Starts 5pm sharp till 8pm

The Bernie Grant Arts Centre

Town Hall Approach Road



N15 4RX

Contact :The Speakers Club

Jammers, Buzzin Bee or Edison

Telephone: 07497 069 702 or 020 8365 5450

Books at Conscious Corner

Seven Sisters


London N15

 #AntiAfrikan #WhiteHomeLand #IdentityCrisis
We all need to learn our Race and Ethnicity codes and work together in Racially and Ethnically organised divisions against White Supremacy. We must wear our Race and Ethnicity codes as a kind of ideological temporary uniform for the battle against White Supremacy. Everyone must behave in an orderly manner. No disorderly group of ‘darkies’ stands a chance against the White Supremacists. The disorderly non-white mobs will continue to get mowed down by the Racist machine gunners and their corpses displayed in the media.



Please think carefully and leave a reply. How much POWER have you got?

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