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Monthly Archives: May 2017





hustle (n.)

“pushing activity; activity in the interest of success,” 1891, American English, from hustle (v.) in its later colloquial senses; earlier the noun meant “a shaking together” (1715). Sense of “a swindle, illegal business activity” is by 1963, American English. As the name of a popular dance, by 1975.

hustle (v.)

1680s (trans.), “to shake to and fro” (especially of money in a cap, as part of a game called hustle-cap), metathesized from Dutch hutselen, husseln “to shake, to toss,” frequentative of hutsen, variant of hotsen “to shake.” “The stems hot-, hut- appear in a number of formations in both High and Low German dialects, all implying a shaking movement” [OED]. Related: Hustled; hustling. Meaning “push roughly, shove” first recorded 1751. Intransitive sense “bustle, work busily, move quickly” is from 1821.

The key-note and countersign of life in these cities [of the U.S. West] is the word “hustle.” We have caught it in the East. but we use it humorously, just as we once used the Southern word “skedaddle,” but out West the word hustle is not only a serious term, it is the most serious in the language. [Julian Ralph, “Our Great West,” N.Y., 1893]

Sense of “to get in a quick, illegal manner” is 1840 in American English; that of “to sell goods aggressively” is 1887.


We the Black National Party have successfully managed to hustle Black identity from the White Supremacists, the Racists, to use IC3 Black identity as an account number for the reparations for the enslavement of African people.


The failure of the White Supremacists:

  1. to provide a clear and official definition of ‘Whiteness’, perhaps for fear of disorder in the European diaspora
  2. to avoid the label of Racism, perhaps because of association with the NAZI party under Adolf Hitler
  3. to demonstrate unbiased treatment of those classified as Black by the Police forces / services
  4. to convince non-white people that White identity has not meant White Supremacy
  5. to produce proof of effective Race Relations management in Public Services and Public Service contractors
  6. to satisfy non-white people that the financial services industry is not Racist.
  7. to bestow an acceptable concept of justice for non-white people in the Courts and Judicial system

has provided an excellent opportunity for the Black National Party to come into existence under the banner of the United Races as a Racialist but not a Racist entity and exploit these weaknesses in the system of White Supremacy.


The success of the Black National Party, ironically, is that the concept is fully endorsed and justified by the British Governments system of Visual Ethnicity under the order of the Phoenix Codes combined with the Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.



The Black National Party is an effective vanguard entity working towards the completion of the United Races project of the European Racial Partition designed:

  1. to avoid war
  2. to facilitate smooth change
  3. to preserve Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Heritage


That is the Black Identity Hustle.


Master John Canoe