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Race Equality Secret Service (RESS)


  1. its possible to eradicate the recessive gene within 1,000 years.This was the stated goal of WD Fard Muhammad,according to the teachings of the NOI

  2. Honoured Ladies and Sirs of likeminded European parties Officers and members !

    According to Your noble role as official association kindly adopt my discoveries for our farther joint collaborations. I sincere hope You will be interested in our joint capability is based on my genetic discovery and inventions. Kindly adopt all next information together with Your Intellectual Property Intelligence services. As You know the World is suffering with different epidemics, including corruption and terrorism epidemic in XX – XXX century A.D. But Genetic – healthy human creature will be capable, workable, happy and will newer need to hurt anybody, newer need hurt freedom or peace. The best treatment for any epidemic of XXX century it’s prevention = prophylactic. The best prophylactic – the genetic prevention is. As You know all criminal people are gene-defective crèachers too. I am ready to depend on Your organization my Know-How in Neo- Eugenics genetic diseases treatment, prevention, etc. And Your Country, all Your continent & Europe (as well as other countries worldwide) ) will have a whole army of healthy + high intellectual talented persons instead if “army of invalids”. Honoured Nobel Prize Committee is still research my Know-How Project during years(hide in secret), but mankind continue produce gene-invalids of 20% now-days; + fertile absence or miscarriage 20% too. My proposal is to open the new Scientific Direction in Genetics: and involving me as Coordinator Researcher. Cooperation and treatment is possible under Your protection only. Because there are much false “investigators” -pretendents are parasites on my discovery now in some countries; there are 24 of “Valentyna Ivanovna Petrenko in USA ” only since 1995 ; Most of them are secret relatives of Worlds’ Zionistic Organization; and have attempt in future to realize my inventions K-H, which their relatives at KGB had stalled from me and my mother since 1950 y. So, by Gods’ Sake ! = do Not allow anybody BUT ME to direct, or coordinate , or invize into MY GHGP = Global Human Genetic Project and micro technology ! I am looking forward for Your wise invitation for me to my living=postal address: Dr. Valentyna I. Petrenko(M.D.), Chkalova-str. 33 / 37, Dniepropetrovsk,49000, UKRAINE // mob: +38 093 254 6516/ is spoiled / / Also I need Your help because I have not any possibility for register all my investigations, inventions and discoveries in my Ukraine Country or at WIPO. Because electronic mafia use psichotrophic weapon all the time i try any step for registration and I am suffering with severe headache immediately post-Soviet gang territory; and Your Country will have a whole army of high-health +talents instead of “army of invalids”. Hope, while I am alive. ***- – -*** / Also Kindly adopt my version for common public, Russian including:”Cтратегия Выживания Человечества в Условиях ЭкологическойКатастрофы Планеты; репродуктивный донорский потенциал в построении здорового человеческого общества”. Петренко Валентина Ивановна, врач -педиатр. г. Днепропетровск. ………….”The Strategy Survivals of Mankind in Conditions of Ecological Accident of the Planet, Reproductive Donor Potential in Construction of Healthy Human Society “. The author on the basis of 50 000 supervision and inspections during 3 decades describes long latent proceeding scoliosis-epidemic in Ukraine and in extensive Soviet Union. Foreign colleagues researches from all continents have confirmed the scoliosis-epidemic on the basis of achievement adjacent sciences, inclusive epidemiology, connected with ecological accident on Globe (by default). In the most serious cases of scoliosis there were also other genetic defects (hereditary illnesses), scoliosis was as about a syndrome of Epidemic of Genetic Degradation of Mankind. That fact is widely ignored generally, that in conditions of present ecological accident the stock of reproductive survival rate of mankind does not exceed of three-four (3-4!) generations. If we shall assume that improbable fact: that we completely shall solve all environmental problems during 2 generations, even in this case up to well-being will survive only degraded Homo Bipedalis and predatory-“HAMo Sapience”. – Wether is at mankind more important and urgent Problem we have ? – No, the more important and urgent present problem we have not !The author offers the developed method of Neo-Eugenics for struggle against Epidemic of Genetic Degeneration and for survival of mankind in conditions of Planetary Ecological Accident (the old sad diagnose too). And so, instead of “armies of invalids” we can create the whole army of extremely healthy talents on all the future subsequent generations. Our Mother Nature through millenniums kept for us human donor potential, but civil and ethnic wars, as well as ecological and radioactive aggressions have reduced genetic potential of a planet up to 1 %! For example, “Indigo” children can be considered as a component of it of 1 % and as prospective genetic donor potential of preventive reproductive treatment of hereditary illnesses at population of our country and all planet. In construction of the Healthy Human Society the method of Neo-Eugenics provides the way to parents with gene defects (hereditary illnesses) to give birth to children with higher level of health and capacities in comparison with average and even high level for our historical instant gene condition. Neo-Eugenica means: neo -new, eu – excellent, is fine-healthy ( euphoria , Euphyllinum), genica – woman, gene – the carrier of a heredity, ca -(ка) a science. The traditional Eugenics offered cultivation of a maximum quantity of children in talented healthy families, that in itself it is reasonable, however … It did not provide the way to potentially perspective woman to develop as the person and transformed it in “childbirth machine”. The scientific project of Neo-Eugenics differs : means any family and, first of all the people amazed by hereditary illnesses, can give birth to children with genes -enriched, strengthened (in vitro) properties, owing to their enrichment gonads, embryos healthy genes ” in vitro ” – in a test tube. with genetically enriched children there are more than There are more chances for genetically enriched children to survive in the broken ecological conditions hazardous for health and lives to a planet. Besides these the highly intellectual, inventive, the highly educated persons are faster, than we will restore ecology and will improve our country and all planet. During WW II there where been found aseptic and antiseptic means (chloroamine, Sulfidinums, etc.) already, and it was possible to place healthy embryos without genetic defects to women with a genetic pathology (it is not dependent on a racial or national accessory) and guaranteeing for parent happiness. *******To date widely applied changes of embryos of the person in 100 % of cases entail the irreversible consequences caused Viability of germinal cells owing to loss of cellular structures and genetic the information Unfortunately, doctor Juseppe Petruchchio copulated in vitro яйцеклетки and сперматозоиды legal parents with the latent genetic defects to that opposed The nature that the Pope has forbidden and was right. In other civilized countries also have not considered all reefs microscopic nano-technology. Therefore the author offers the Know-How, never earlier applied, providing a guarantee Protection ova-cell in its stressful conditions ре plantations and a birth genetically in reached children, healthy and talented creators-long-livers. The Neo-Eugenic Method does not contain ‘sexual sin’=mistake=defect. (that is opening 2). Besides parental egoism to any more to the doctor-genetics to overcome it was not possible, therefore under the project of the author of 100 % parental genes are kept all, and missing healthy genes from other cells of parent’s are added, is the positive crossing over created. For example: Black color of a leather is caused by a number genetic Factors of the broken exchange of a pigment-melanin in Liver-Suprarenal’s o system, are not present a gene responsible for color of a leather, and there is an absence of the genes defining an exchange of melanin, i.e. the reason is genetic defect. However, for each Negro-parent in blood are available White cells -leukocytes, by means of these leukocytes it is possible to create to the child WILPF white color of a leather. Except for super-urgent of the offered program, it is necessary to consider that fact, that any country of the world has not transferred such heavy test as Chernobyl accident. Therefore to all The mankind should pay the wise attention on it is unique viable genetic potential of Ukraine. Healthy and happy, highly moral person, free from genetic lacks and vicious instincts, never begins to harm to the nature, To itself and surrounding people. Even if the Neo-Eugenics the project will cost $ 10 billion (USD 10 000 000 000), it significantly less than those expedites which the mankind spends for struggle against AIDS, a diabetes, a cancer, etc.; Including hereditary illnesses, on struggle with Criminality, terrorism and on various wars. But can avoid all these troubles on all the future generations. We should not give a harm let germinate in the future and then the civilization which has created us of the God will not reject our population the Flood, Hygiene -Fiery, etc. version of the Doomsday. Above developed civilization of the God requires of us nobleness and mercy as display of the maximum nervous activity, the proof to that – all distressful history of the Earth. Therefore it is necessary to rescue the stray mankind from Genetic Degeneration Epidemic immediately, as speak wise: “Still Yesterday”. 2.) It Is Necessary to enter the new Law On Wedding: First of all there is very responsible conception create ‘in vitro’ genetic enrichment, improvement the health embryo-fruit-person= future citizen, then the female body will infected by a sex. 2.1.) there is a need to promote such a super healthy conception of the material support of the State, community, charity, in the form of cash deposits, housing, etc., for such conscious families or for independent future -mothers. …….Information about the author: Dr. Valentina I. Petrenko(M.D.), Chkalova-str. 33 / 37 ,Dniepropetrovsk,49000, UKRAINE . /mob: +38 098 6103428 /.
    ! N.B. : II ). First af all I want to pay Your kind attention to the hybrid
    hybrid war (III WWW ?) in UKRAINE and
    the death of patriots= genetic donors in our front line. They need blood infusion immediately after wounding. My discovery in human genetic allows to create blood cells ‘in vitro’ in great quantities and of best quality, even for every individual. Also ‘in vitro’ human blood invention will help for operation on human body at any surgical diagnose, 40% burning injury including.

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